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Dog lovers in Lufkin don't have to leave your pooch at home if you don't want to. Some of the best restaurants and breweries in Lufkin, Texas offer outdoor seating where you can bring your dog to eat with you.

Most will not allow your dog inside the dining area. Outdoor dining is a trade-off and preferable for some, so they don't have to leave their dogs at home.

Your dog loves spending time with you, but take into consideration the outside temperature when choosing these outdoor options. You want to be able to enjoy your meal and your dog's company without worrying if they are overheating or acting out.

Are Dogs Allowed At Restaurants And Bars In Lufkin? 

Yes, no, and sometimes. Lufkin is becoming more pet-friendly every day and last year adopted new animal ordinances.

In 2015 a dog park opened at Grace Dunn Richardson Park on Mott Road. Dogs are also welcome in drive-thru lanes, and some places like Starbucks even offer special treats for your furry friends.

Sonic welcomes all pets to dine with you in your car, and they all have patios that are dog friendly.

The list of restaurants here all have outdoor patios and are most likely to be okay with you bringing your dog. To avoid any issues it is always best to call ahead and ask to make sure, as policies change over time. This list is a great place to start your search.

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