Texas has better taste than most states.

The website Frontier Bundles looked at how well certain movies did in our area along with what people tend to google. Long story short, it appears Texas likes "The Lion King" more than other '90s movies. Does that sound about right?

One day the kids are going to be running this place, treat them well. The kids of the 90's are slowly moving up into the status of "adults."  That means we want to go back, and hold nostalgic, all that was "better" back in our day.  Moving into your 30's brings reality, and reality...especially now days, well it honestly just blows.

Disenfranchised from the start. Listening to kids from the 80's drone on about "Pretty In Pink" and "Coal Miners Daughter we said we would never be like them. But since Generation Z exist, Millennials have to set them straight. "Pure Country" was the best movie ever. We like different movies here in Texas. 8 Seconds, Sweet Home Alabama, Slingblade, Where the Heart Is, The Pelican Brief, Flicka, The Cowboy Way, The Horse Whisperer. Lots of movies about horses. But our all time favorite in the conservative South was, The Lion King. It was just the best, plus our parents approved. I mean it was Disney.

You can find the favorite movie of every state in this new

Trying to recapture your past around here is hard.  Sadly rockiesjeans.com is gone, but nostalgic people are driving up the prices on Ebay. They still don't cost what you paid for them back in the day. But if you can find some hot pink ones with the flaps in a size 10, you might be sitting on a gold mine. Oh, they are a zero. Yeah they all were.

Also, really Mississippi? The Phantom Menace?

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