It would only be a two hour drive from East Texas to be barreling down this road. If you've ever been to Houston, you've most likely driven on it.

The insurance industry blog, Budget Direct has made a list of 'The Most Deadly Roads In Every Country'. For the United States, that road is I-45 in Houston.

I-45 runs from Dallas all the way to Galveston. If you have been to Houston it's very common to jump on this interstate to get where you need to go in town.

Where Are You Going?

Many people from our area make their way to Houston every day. I go to visit family there, you might go to one of their many speciality hospitals.

I - 45 sees 56.5 deadly accidents for every 100 miles of roadway.  It's a long road, and most of those issues happen in Houston.

Harris County is currently suing TX-Dot to actually prevent them from making this road even wider. The thinking is, that it might slow them down.

Driving In Houston Is Crazy

When you head to the Houston area it's a gut check. You have to have your head on straight. Once you get outside of Livingston all regard for speed limits goes away immediately.

Once there if you aren't barreling up a one lane super high overpass, you are on a highway with 10 lanes of traffic.

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It's the recipe for the deadliest stretch of road in the United States. If you are headed that way this weekend, for business or safe.

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