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Currently in Texas when you buy a car, you leave with a paper tag. That will go away in a few years and you will get real plates right from the dealer.

For now, when your real plates come in, they come to the dealership. They will get front and back license plates for your vehicle from the state, and you have to go back and get them.

Once you get the plates, you have to put them on the front and back of your vehicle. Luckily most dealerships will install them with brackets provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

There Are So Many Details About Licence Plates In Texas 

As of November 2016, the State of Texas no longer requires automatically replacing your license plates after 7 years. If you want them replaced because they are ugly or unreadable, you can apply for new plates at your county tax office.

That's why you still see "Lone Star Texas" plates like the one in the picture for this article. It was launched in June 2009 and ended in 2012.

If you see that design you know you are looking at a 10 year or older vehicle. The plate design was voted on by Texans in an online e-vote.

Law enforcement didn't care for the readability of the plate, and some Texans complained about the colors clashing with their vehicles. We fixed that with the current design "The Texas Classic".

They should have called it the Best Value license plate. They are just black and white with no frills.

There are better reasons to get pulled over in Texas than an improperly displayed plate. If you keep your new-to-you vehicle clean, registered, and serviced you won't have any issues with law enforcement.

Here are 5 common reasons why people get stopped for license plates in Texas.

5 Ways Your License Plate Could Get You Ticketed in Texas

Nothing ruins a road trip like getting pulled over. Here are ways to avoid fines during your next journey across Texas.

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