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  • Even hotter weather is on the way
  • Burn bans are ordered by county judges
  • Ban mostly in Central and West Texas

If you live in a Texas county that hasn't already been affected by a burn ban this year count yourself as lucky. We have just entered the drier part of summer, and it feels like someone has just left the hairdryer on.

Did you know that they measure drought by weighing parts of trees? They take a sample and fully dry it out.

Weighing the sample before and after, and using a handy equation, lets them know how bad a drought is in an area.

Fire Danger Increases As Texas Begins To Dry Out

We had a very wet spring in many parts of Texas in 2023. Though the rains have since stopped for some, they did a lot to keep most counties without a burn ban.

There are 254 counties in Texas; the most of any US state. Having only 77 counties under a ban is actually normal for this time of year.

Compared to the major drought we had in 2011 with almost 90% of the entire state under exceptional drought, we are doing great.

Use These Tips To Safely Burn Outside In Texas 

That could all change as temps soar across the state. Without substantial rainfall wildfires could quickly be an issue, and outdoor burning could be illegal where you live.

According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, there are several regions across the state where they are fighting active wildfires.


If you are in a county without a burn ban use these tips to safely burn outside.

12 Tips for Outdoor Burning in Texas

Before you start a fire make sure you look over these tips so you stay safe and legal.

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