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  • Burn Ban Season
  • Dry Days Continue
  • We Need Rain

Temperatures continue to climb across all of Texas, and records are being broken. Every summer in our state the heat brings drier conditions.

That leads counties across Texas to implement burn bans. We had a lot of rain in the late spring, and there was excessive plant growth all over the state.

Now that same grass or brush that got huge during the wet weather is slowly turning brown and drying out. We have a massive amount of fire fuel just waiting for an ember in 145 counties in Texas.

Active Wildfires Already Causing Issues In Texas

Texas A&M Forest Service keeps track of all the fires and burn bans in our state. On Wednesday, July 26, 2023 they responded to 13 new requests that burned over 800 acres across Texas.

Active Wildfires:
  • Blum Fire, Hill County - est. 300 acres, 30% contained
  • Peanut Fire, Eastland County - 84 acres, 95% contained
  • Javelin Fire, Atascosa County - 282 acres, 80% contained
  • Rock Pile Fire, Jeff Davis County - 150 acres, 0% contained
  • Pit Smoke Fire, Caldwell County - 13 acres, 85% contained
  • Big Iron Fire, Edwards County - est. 150 acres, 80% contained
  • Pipeline Fire, Parker County - 372 acres, 75% contained

East Texas had a lot of wildfires recently. Luckily they have all now been contained.

Contained Wildfires (100%):

  • San Augustine 2647 Fire, San Augustine County - 32.9 acres
  • San Augustine 2654 Fire, San Augustine County - 15 acres
  • Rusk 2649 Fire, Rusk County - 1.7 acres
  • Rusk 2653 Fire, Rusk County - 1.6 acres
  • Jasper 2652 Fire, Jasper County - 0.9 acres
  • Jasper 2658 Fire, Jasper County - 0.5 acre
  • Liberty 2656 Fire, Liberty County - 15.3 acres
  • Polk 2646 Fire, Polk County - 0.5 acre

Even if your county or town is not currently under a burn ban, you should still exercise caution while burning outside. If your town offers trash pickup you should take advantage of that.

Stay up to date with the burn bans in your area with this interactive map.

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