I really thought that we would do better on a list of worst roads. They took a few things into consideration when they did the survey, that might not be in our favor. I think Texas city roads and highways are actually great. It's when you dig down deep into sparsely populated counties around the state that things start to falter.

Consumer Affairs just released this new ranking to coincide with the Christmas and Thanksgiving travel seasons. To be clear being the furthest away from the number 1 is the best on this survey. I was really surprised, we didn't even make it to the middle of the pack. I know I haven't logged a lot of miles recently, so I might be a little out of touch. There are a lot of bad roads between here and Austin though for sure.

On a recent trip I went to Louisiana and you notice an immediate difference in road quality. They are rated number 2, with South Carolina having the worst roads in the US. Wyoming has the best roads, so they would be number 50. We depend on our roads a little less than northern states, and have less variances in road conditions.

Worst road conditions ranked by state

Below, we ranked all 50 states in order from most terrible to most excellent based on data from ConsumerAffairs’ email survey, Tax Policy Center’s Data Query System (DQS), the U.S. Department of Transportation, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Federal Highway Administration’s “Highway Statistics: Highway Infrastructure, Public Road Mileage by Functional System.”

Worst state roadsSpent per mile"Poor" roads"Good" roads
1. SC$2618%35%
2. LA$3925%35%
3. HI$17242%17%
4. RI$7053%11%
5. DE$5519%44%
6. OK$2333%29%
7. WV$3231%25%
8. MS$2130%29%
9. NM$1331%32%
10. MI$3124%41%
11. CA$9745%17%
12. ME$4522%41%
13. TN$245%75%
14. AZ$3719%41%
15. MA$10430%29%
16. NH$4425%44%
17. TX$4511%22%
18. PA$8630%30%
19. CT$9534%21%
20. NY$10419%46%
21. GA$325%64%
22. IL$6619%39%
23. OH$4918%49%
24. NJ$12034%22%
25. AK$10220%39%
26. WI$3029%33%
27. NC$4013%42%
28. IN$2813%54%
29. IA$239%53%
30. CO$3222%32%
31. NE$177%64%
32. NV$3014%53%
33. AR$179%36%
34. ND$2110%64%
35. MO$1823%32%
36. FL$798%51%
37. VA$6210%45%
38. MD$10611%66%
39. AL$2414%53%
40. KY$3510%45%
41. ID$165%43%
42. VT$4417%49%
43. UT$2322%38%
44. WA$5229%25%
45. OR$267%41%
46. MT$1211%54%
47. SD$1314%40%
48. MN$3615%52%
49. KS$1410%44%
50. WY$238%65%


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