Many of us are jonesin' to get out of town, for obvious reasons. But perhaps we're not in a position to do something overly expensive or dramatic right now. Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful places to which we can travel right here in Texas.

San Antonio, and that entire surrounding area, has long been one of my favorite places to visit in Texas. In fact, just typing these words makes me want to jump in a convertible and head down to spend a few days on the Riverwalk. And now, we have one more reason to want to go.

The Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy has recently added the Skywalk on the Land Bridge--a 1,000 foot long, six-foot wide walkway that climbs up to 18-feet off the ground.

Photo Cred: Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, Teresa Shumaker

If you've ever longed to wander amongst the tops of trees safely, this is the perfect opportunity to get a literal, and perhaps metaphorical, change of perspective. It also gives park-goers a direct connection to the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge, which was quite recently completed.

Former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger says "Visitors will get a squirrel’s eye view of the trees and ground below, offering a new perspective of the park and its animal inhabitants.”

Thanks to the width of the walkway, the Skywalk is ADA-accessible. For those who'd like to sit in the shade while enjoying the wildlife, a seating area is available, too.

Photo Cred: Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, Teresa Shumaker

Although cyclists aren't allowed to ride across the Skywalk, you can walk your bike across if you'd like. Get more info and see a map of the entire park here.

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