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  • Up To $5,000 Reward
  • Larry Ray Capko Captured
  • Failure To Register As A Sex Offender

One of the things that almost all of these men on the run have in common is that they failed to register as sex offenders in the communities where they live. In Texas anyone who has been convicted of sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, indecency with a child, or other similar adjudications have to register even after serving their sentence.

Out of the usual 10 most wanted sex offenders in Texas, four have already been captured. Now that the Texas DPS has raised the bounties, some up to $5,000, the incentive is there to tell authorities where these people are.

Larry Ray Capko was arrested and the reward money was paid to the person who turned him in. Someone in Texas gave him up, once they raised the reward to $3,000 dollars.

More Sex Offenders Are Being Captured In Texas Than Ever

Recently three more sex offenders have been apprehended in Texas. Clayton Allen Star ($5,000), Joe Raymond Gonzales ($3,000), and Daniel Adam Buruato ($2,000) were all captured and put back behind bars.

Star and Buruato were found just using good police work, so no reward was paid. Community involvement, getting pictures, and large rewards really help speed things up.

With the entire police community looking for you, anything can happen. No details yet about the capture of Gonzales.

Take some time to look at the 6 fugitives that are still left on the list, and the details on the captures of the other 4. These men should be considered armed and dangerous, and you should never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself.

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