If you are looking for an interesting festival just a short drive from anywhere in Deep East Texas, this would be a great one to consider. 30 years is a huge milestone for any festival, and the Henderson Community is ready to take their Heritage Syrup Festival up a notch. Be there Saturday November 9th 9am - 5:30pm at 404 West Main, in Henderson Texas.

Our annual festival full of history,food, shopping and fun. Come watch cane syrup being made and other folk art, music, entertainment, lots of shopping, antique car and tractor exhibit, pony rides and other kids activities. Fun for the whole family. Spans over several blocks in downtown Henderson and extends to the Depot Museum. The Depot Museum is where the syrup making, folk art, story-telling, antique tractor exhibit is located and more shopping and food.


Sugarcane syrup, a cooking staple that you’ll find in a huge list of favorites, is the star of the show at the heritage festival in Henderson, Texas. You’ll witness the old-school method of making it thanks to good ol’ countrymen and their trusty mules.


Getting to watch syrup being made, would be an interesting part of the festival experience.  There is a lot going on in just a few blocks of downtown Henderson. CLICK HERE to find out more on their facebook event page. The Depot Museum and City of Henderson work together to make their annual Heritage Syrup Festival, located at the Depot Museum & downtown Henderson, a festival to remember.

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