If you live in the Lone Star State and have used the most popular search engine on the planet, you aren't the only one. Google Trends is an interesting way to find out more about your fellow citizens. I know the past year has been a little different, but it seems like people in Texas were most interested in the love life of our pets.

The Zippia website put up the data and confirmed that there are some pretty embarrassing searches going on. They focus on the uncomfortable truths about each and every stat in the union. Texas and Alaska both have the same thing on the mind when it comes to google searches.

What data did Zippa use while doing their article? It's really pretty straight forward.

We look at searches ranging from August 2019 to August 2020, giving us a full year of cringey internet searches.

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from awkward medical questions, reality shows and unpopular movies, conspiracy theories, unfashionable clothing, and other mortifying queries.

In Texas dogs are king, and our most embarrassing search isn't that bad. Ours is "does my dog love me" compared to Louisiana's "why do I sweat so much" it's not the worst by far. Some of our nearby states have some zingers.

  • New Mexico - Justin Bieber Nudes
  • Oklahoma - Bigfoot evidence
  • Arkansas -  Ear Bug
  • Mississippi - Is the earth round
  • Georgia - Where is Africa

There are 50 states, and all 50 of them are pretty interesting. Check out the complete map here on Zippia.


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