Customers of the Lufkin Walmart Supercenter have been experiencing some strange things. Last night many Lufkinites were trying to schedule their weekly curbside grocery pickup online, but were told that there were no available times until Monday Morning.

Today we got the reason. The Walmart Supercenter in Lufkin has announced that they are going to be closed today at 2pm (Friday, August 20th, 2021) and will reopen on Sunday, August 22nd at 6am.

They are saying that they will be closed for additional cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking. The Pharmacy curbside service will remain open normal hours.

What Is Really Going On

Rumors are just that rumors. The fact that customers couldn't schedule pickup yesterday means they knew they would be closing today, yesterday.

They could have paused before releasing this because they didn't want a surge of customers. They will be closed almost 30 hours.

The rumor is that they have had many employees call in sick with Covid. That lines up with the cleaning and sanitizing that they are doing.

Parking Lot

They are also in the middle of a parking lot remodel. The project started four days ago, and will continue for the next four weeks.

When you are able to go back to Wal-Mart you will notice that the Whitehouse Drive entrance is closed.

I know the parking lot could use some repair. This is something planned that they would normally do.

Where Do I Get Groceries?

There are 3 Brookshire Brothers and an HEB in Lufkin. There is another Walmart Supercenter in Nacogdoches.

Just be ready for larger than normal crowds at these locations. Wear a mask, or at least try to remain socially distant.

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