It's a hard truth that I feel everyone needs to know.

Mother's Day was yesterday (May 14). I saw a lot of wonderful posts all across social media of my friends with their mothers, but I also saw a lot of photos of my friends who have recently become moms. It was a joy to scroll through each of my social media sites and see all this love.

So I thought I would create a video talking about the things they neglect to tell you when you become a mom.

Let me start off by saying NO, I am not pregnant. There are several people in my life who wish I was or love to tell people I am, but the truth is that my husband and I are just not ready to add to our family... yet. There will come a day and trust me, you will be the 13th person I tell.

In making this video, I realized something kind of sad. Mother's Day is just not a day for every mom out there. Hate to break it to you, but rather than spoiling the video, I'll just let you watch...


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