There is a new restaurant coming to Lufkin as others close, they are going to open their doors. We have done much speculating about when they are opening and what it will be like. Now we have some answers. A huge thank you to owner Ricky Martinez for giving us some early details.

I would first like to express my sadness for their Jasper restaurant, staff, and customers. The Tia Juanita's Fish Camp location there burned down right when other resturants were set to start opening up again. A fire quickly swept the small building late Sunday night/Monday April 27th just after midnight. Luckily no one was injured putting out the fire nor was anyone inside at the time. There is no word yet on if they will rebuild or move to another location in Jasper.

The Lufkin location is a massive undertaking and will be an amazing place eat. It is set to open soon, and in this is post-coronavirus world, that's great news.  When they open they will adhere to all standards set down by the Texas Government and surely exceed them. You can't really find a cleaner place to eat than a completely remodeled new restaurant. We have been following this story for a long time, and you can click the other stories below for more details.

As we get a little closer to the open date, I'll talk to Ricky Martinez more about everything they are eventually bringing to the area and let you know about it. Hint: LIVE MUSIC.  I know a lot of our listeners have been let go from their current jobs and Tia Jaunita's is hiring. Ricky is by all accounts a great guy to work with and is looking for people now. Stop by the restaurant and get an application.

Tia Juanita's Opening Soon



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