This one you might not have seen coming. I know I didn't.  Posados Cafe a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Lufkin has served their last basket of complimentary chips. July 30th 2019 they closed the doors. The restaurant that was meant as a continuation of all the success they always enjoy in Nacogdoches. Don't worry the Nacogdoches location is still open.


At first I didn't believe the rumor so I had to call. That was what it took to really convince me it was real. First El Chico, then Chipotle, and now Posados.  It's a changing of the guards as always happens in this area. Now we only have 7 Tex-Mex restaurants left, but how many do we really need. I don't know, but the Posados in Lufkin is closed now for good.

Looks like Del-Rio is winning on Loop 287 for now. A fickle court of public opinion is ever waiting to change that. In this area, I don't even think the food matters as much as the service. Sometimes you will put up with bad service for great food, but not for long. Lufkin requires a balance of both mediocre food, low price, and okay service.

Sorry to see you go Pasados, we hardly knew you. Sitting there in the old Barnhills Buffet building. I am just thinking about all those sopitas I ate in you. You will be missed. Guess we will take this dance party to Fuzzy's Taco?

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