Though it has not been widely reported, parents across the country are having a tough time finding baby formula. The reason for the shortage seems to stem from a recall made back in February.

Abbott Laboratories initiated a proactive, voluntary recall of many of the powdered formulas that parents rely on. Similac, Alimentum and EleCare were all recalled on February 17th, 2022. Similac PM 60/40 was recalled on February 28th, 2022.

Abbot found Cronobacter sakazakii in one of their facilities and initiated the recalls.  There was also a work slowdown because of Covid-19. This has put many local parents in a bind.

Where Can I Find Alimentum Baby Formula In Lufkin, Texas

Here are a few tips to find the formula you need -

  • Talk to your pediatrician- They keep some formula on hand and could get you over a hump. They also might be able to suggest suitable alternatives if you can't find the exact formula that your baby is currently using.
  • Local Pharmacies- Stop by your local pharmacy, and avoid the major chains. Brookshire Brothers, Lufkin Pharmacy & Co, and Abeldt's Pharmacy are good places to start.
  • Order Online- If you can find the brand that you need, order online from a reputable retailer.
  • Try breastfeeding again- This is a tough one for many. There are also other alternatives such as pasteurized breastmilk from reputable sources such as Mothers Milk Bank.
  • Try Premixed Formula- Though this is a more costly option, it is one that some local parents have used in a pinch.

When Will The Shortage Of Baby Formula Be Over In Texas 

The trials and tribulations of being a parent are many. This is one that will hopefully soon pass as Abbot and other companies that make formula have started ramping up production due to the shortage.

This brings back memories of the toilet paper shortage during the pandemic; however, the health risks of this shortage make this issue much more acute. Unfortunately shortages spur some to buy everything they see on the shelves. No matter how much the companies make, the shelves might be bare until the perception of a shortage is gone.

I have seen evidence of buyers from the Katy and Woodlands areas of Houston traveling to the Lufkin Wal-Mart to purchase formula. They have it even worse than we do in more densely populated areas.

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