I am constantly seeing people asking online where to get their car detailed in Lufkin. I personally wash all of my cars at home, but when you live in an apartment or are busy hustling every day that is not always feasible.

I have personally used each and every one of the dealers on this list. Some just once, or in the case of Red Carpet Auto detail, I used them for years.

Patrick Sloan is one of the most patient people on the planet. He put up with me getting my truck washed there for years, and I am super picky.

VIP Mobile Wash And Detail Washed Our Station Vehicle in Lufkin, Texas
We are in the process of getting a new K-Fox 955 station vehicle ready to debut in East Texas. We wanted a clean design, so the Yukon had to be super clean as well.

Polo and his crew showed up this week and detailed it right in the parking lot. To say this car was neglected was an understatement.

They worked all afternoon to get it spotless for us and for Real Graphics to put the new wrap on it next week. He has a completely self-contained mobile wash system and took care of us on a very hot summer afternoon.

Dutch Touch Customs Is A High-End Detailer In Lufkin, Texas

Let's say you just hit the lottery or saved forever and picked up a new C8 Corvette. Dutch Touch Customs is the place I would call for thoughts about a ceramic coating.

Every one of these detailers listed in the gallery below will get your car clean, but they all specialize in certain things in my opinion. Message us right from the KFox App and let us know your favorite!

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