Fall has officially arrived, the weather is finally starting to get colder, getting a latte mid-day doesn’t feel like a mistake, you can finally bring out those mustard and red tones for your outfits and more than anything its bonfire time!

I don’t know what it is but sitting by a campfire, roasting marshmallows and being surrounded by your friends seems like the most amazing thing to be doing this weekend. However, one of my personal favorite things to do while indulging in my weights worth of marshmallows is stargazing.

I’m a city girl meaning stars are a very rare occurrence, especially in the hustle and bustle of Dallas. You just can’t get a good view without having to drive out an hour or so. However, being relocated to East Texas for university was definitely a blessing when considering this pass time. So here are my top star gazing location in the Nacogdoches/Lufkin area:

Located only fourteen miles west of Nacogdoches off of State highway 225 you can find yourself stargazing while being engulfed by pine trees. There’re two entrances to Lake Nacogdoches my personal favorite for stargazing is the East side because there’s more of a camping vibe and it just sets the mood. Now just add a couple pieces of fire words, light a match, grab some snacks and definitely bring some hot cocoa and you are set!

Right on the edge of Stephen F. Austin State University you can find the intramural fields. This is a great option if you’re an on-campus student and don’t really have the means to transport yourself outside the city loop. If you go after hours when all the lights are off on a semi-clear to clear sky you can see an abundant number of stars. There’s also a lovely gazebo located at the top where you can just enjoy the city night life. Just be warned sometimes intramural sports are playing so the field may not always be empty.

Located right next to Ellen Trout Zoo you can find Ellen Trout Park. You can easily enjoy stargazing from there and even find yourself surrounded by a few ducks. There’re some picnic areas so you can definitely bring a few snacks to munch on and you could even Stargaze a top the playground set. I’m definitely guilty of doing so.

Word of advice always bring a friend when star gazing you never know what can happen. Also, it’s a really nice bonding experience.

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