This article is for the parents who don’t understand the transition into online learning.

With school closures students across the country have transitioned into a online-learning environments. As parents you may only have a slight idea of what that means.

As a college student I’ve done online-learning for years because taking online classes during summer became the norm. So parents here’s some tips to ensure your child is on top of all their assignments.

First keep track of deadlines, especially for the little ones!

Its so easy to forget about deadlines if you’re not on top of your work. It’s even harder to keep track of them when it comes to little ones especially when you have more than one elementary school child.

I recommend making list posting their assignments on a white board so your child also knows what homework they have to do.

Get into a routine.

It may be one to two hours per day maybe more maybe less but just set that time aside that will be known as “school time”. It’s so much easier to follow a routine and it gets easier to follow as time passes.

Get ahead

Although this may not be possible for some of us, if you can, do it. It’ll give you more free time for you to whatever hobby your heart desires.

Ask Questions

Teachers are there for the students. If something confuses you email the professor, if you’re too scared to ask during instruction time. If there’s no such thing as instruction that shouldn’t mean your main resource is gone. I promise you teachers are probably the most bummed that schools are closed.

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