There are lots of rules when you are on the roads in Texas. I have taught people how to drive stick shifts, automatics, and I am in the mist of teaching my son how to drive this weekend. This is just the mechanics of the thing.The rule book is thick, and TX Dot thinks this one is being forgotten, so they are sending you a reminder in a form you might be more accustomed too, a meme.

TX Dot
TX Dot

Today cars are technological marvels of of human accomplishments. More reliable and forgiving than ever. The new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 just came out today and it's navigation system lets you put dots on maps where you have been. These dots are to tell your car to lift it's nose 2 inches because there is an steep approach angle, and instead of you hitting a button to raise it every time, once you have been somewhere and marked it, it raises automatically before you get there.

Blind spot monitoring, lane keep, cold seats, it's what vehicles can do. The one thing they haven't fixed yet is us. Driving in the left lane, not passing anyone, not turning left. You are infringing on other drivers trying to get where they are going, and it's dangerous to have to pass you on the right. So follow some rules, and put the phone down.

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