Someone could be winning producer Trey's paycheck.

Every single cast member on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has made a bold statement at one time or the other on the show. Sometimes the bold statement can be backed up with action, while other times the cast members went down in flames and couldn't back up their bold statement.

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Enter producer Trey. Trey made the bold statement that he could beat anyone, ANYONE in a 'Friends' TV show trivia contest. He was so confident that he said he would bet his whole paycheck on it. Now when you make a statement like that, the cast is going to hold you to it and make sure you follow through with it. Because making a statement like that is pretty bold!

Today was the first day of the challenge. Producer Trey takes on Brian in round one of the ultimate 'Friends' Trivia Challenge. Watch the thrilling trivia contest go down and find out who wins round one and who moves on to round two next week.

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