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  • Texas law has a loophole that allows underage drinking with certain people present.
  • Minors can possess alcohol on the job and purchase alcohol when doing a TABC sting operation, but not drink it.
  • Find out who needs to be with you to have a drink in public if you are a minor.

No need to whip out the fake I.D. in Texas if you are underage and want to drink. You just need to have the right people there with you at the time.

Usually drinking when you are under 21 or providing alcohol to a minor comes with pretty stiff penalties according to the TABC. If you are a minor and attempt to buy, possess, or drink alcoholic beverages, are publicly intoxicated, or try to lie about your age the fine is $500.

You will also have to go to a TABC alcohol awareness class, complete community service, and will have issues keeping or getting your driver's license. That is just for the first offense, and it only gets worse from there.

You Can Legally Drink At A Bar If You Bring This Person

If you are at a bar or restaurant and want to join in on the festivities and consume a drink, you are going to have to bring your parents. That's the "Parental Consent" exception.

The law also extends the Texas law to include a guardian. If you are under 21 and your spouse is over 21 their presence makes it legal for you to drink.

Just because it's legal, the establishment still doesn't have to allow it.

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