Art is in the eye of the beholder, look what we found in our 4th Of July Fireworks Video. My friend Donovan is the manager at the Vapor Room across the street from the station. He brought Jana our part-time employee to the show. She usually is back at the station working the board, but this year we brought the technology so she could run it from the park.

So for some reason as James,  our esteemed digital managing editor, was going through some of the footage, he came across this 18sec clip of Donovan walking around in the dark with the fireworks in the background and thought it looked like artwork.

The only reason that Donovan got in the shot was because James was all hot and sweaty after being outside for an hour, and didn't want to stand up to take video of the 4th of July fireworks spectacular presented by Mike Love and Associates Law Firm.

Shortly after the fireworks, Donovan and I left on foot after helping pack up, leaving sweaty James and tired Jana drive in the K-Fox SUV. The rest of the seating was covered in gear. We let them think we were getting the shaft, having to walk. But I had strategically placed the Q107 van on the loop to make a quick getaway. We beat James and Jana back to the station by at least 30min,  and rubbed it in their faces. Was it petty, yes, but they would do the same had the shoe been on the other foot. That my friends if true friendship.

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