Deni is the winner winnie the Nintendo Mini! Hey, that rhymes ... Even if we had to make up words.

We recently had a contest asking our listeners to submit pictures using the Kfox 95.5 mobile app. We asked everyone to show us what they loved the most, and then we turned those submissions into a photo gallery, allowing for everyone else to vote on who would win the Nintendo Classic Mini we were giving away.

Well, our fans didn't think Deni here had enough games already, and voted for her to win the game console. I think the fact that she is such a Nintendo fan really helped.

Here's the image she submitted.


Before we could just hand the prize over, we asked if she'd show us her epic Nintendo skills. Watch the short video below and you can tell this mini Nintendo is definitely going to a good, and appreciative home.

Wow, just look at that still on that You Tube video. Looks like I am about to play a reed instrument. I was glad that I still had a few Super Nintendo skills. Even though I didn't know all the secret hacks like she did. Just playing it for that little amount of time brought back memories and made me want this tiny little game system.  Hope she enjoys it!

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