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If you can't beat your neighbors Christmas display, you could still show your creativity and personality. I can't imagine many residential areas that would put up with most of this stuff. Hopefully you live outside of the city limits, and can let your redneck flag fly. Here are some great lawn items that are sure to turn heads in the neighborhood.

This poop emoji is like the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Apple Computer for giving us all of these great ways to not type dirty words. If you are wearing a red hat aren't you automatically Santa. This is a Santa Poo fo show, on your lawn.

Texas Flag Cowboy Boot Christmas Stocking with Shadow Velveteen

If you are wearing boots, shouldn't that style be reflected in your choice of stocking that hangs from the kitchen stove with care? Tell mom to get the gas company on the phone, and have it turned back on. You are going to want a roaring fire under this much Texas pride.

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Merry Christmas Yall Redneck Santa Garden Flag

Here it is, the Redneck Santa Garden Flag of your dreams. Keep that garden festive even when the flowers aren't blooming with this bit of whimsy. He has a truck with antlers on the front, just like paw.

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Snowflake Maker Garden Flag

I don't think this is actually redneck, just highly inappropriate, and I don't know how it actually got on this list. I was only kidding about this one. I mean it's kinda funny, but I don't know why. I mean where are the snowflakes coming from? Oh wait, he poops snowflakes, nasty.

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Costume Agent Inflatable Airblown Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Decoration (4 feet, Humping Reindeer)

If this doesn't just beat all. You won't find this one in your local home improvement store. At least they have red and green scarfs on to let all your redneck friends know that this a relationship as god intend. Wait, do girl moose have antlers. I had to google that one. The answer is no. Oh well, better luck next time. I think their faces say it all.

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Santa has a long journey to make, and even the jolliest of the elves had to make a pit stop from time to time. Commemorate the moment of touchdown with this inflatable outhouse.

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