We all know that never leaving the house alone is the best way to never get sick. If you aren't exposed you can't be infected. But after months in lock down we have all figured out that it's just not feasible for most people. Especially if you want to earn a living.

We have all been indoctrinated into the world of infectious disease at some point of our lives. If not the actual exposure, we have gotten shots that help us fight these common killers. Now the coronavirus pandemic is really no different, other than the fact that the cure, nor the vaccine exits.

So you have decided to go outside and mingle with others. What are the activities least likely to get you infected? Think of a sport that could be played while maintaining your 6ft distance. You guessed it tennis.

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I used to play tennis and our entire family had their own rackets, but sadly had to share the same head and wrist bands. Not really, just kidding. There are some amazing places free of charge you can go to play tennis.

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Chambers Park in Lufkin has a great tennis court. Maroney Park in Nacogdoches has 4 lighted tennis courts. I am sure there is one near you, and most of them don't even require a reservation.

As we move forward into this new decade, things are so different. If you are interested in getting out and still being active, here is a great list of all kinds of normal and physical actives and their risk levels.


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