Jacks Records & Tapes was just the coolest place in town. Especially if you were searching for some old vinyl.

I have quite a few records in my collection that came from there. They are some of the most pristine pieces in my collection.

Driving by the other day, I noticed that they were redoing the parking lot. That can only mean one thing. A new business that is expecting to have that parking lot used.

A sign in the window said that they have applied for a liquor licence. Word is on the street that DJ Sly, the owner, is putting in a BBQ place.

Plus with the addition of a drive thru window, they are ready for Daiquiris to go. That sounds like Lufkin in a nutshell. Daiquiris and BBQ.

The very bright paint job is coming along nicely. This will surely garner some attention.

The old sign is still out front, and is a piece of Lufkin History in my opinion. If nothing else when you eat there the music will be on point.

The location is great, right down from Ray's Drive in at 500 N. Timberland Drive in Lufkin. It's easy to find and very central to many things in the area.

You could leave Planet Fitness and get some food to help with your gains. 

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I love locally owned new businesses. If you hear of anything new, you can message me on the app. Pictures and any information you have are always appreciated.

Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin
Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin






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