Ever since I made the move to the south, I invade my Brother Carlos's house for Christmas. He is the head chef of the family, however, in his home, his wife is the master of the kitchen. Martha Stewart who? For years she has made a delicious roast that we all swear gets better and better.

All the guests bring the sides for the roast. We have all become suckers for a cornbread casserole that a friend of mine introduced one year, so now it's a must at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I make a mean Mac n Cheese dish, and everyone else shows up and shows out their incredible cooking skills that have us all begging each other for the recipes.

I love tamales, most Mexican families have a day that they set aside to make their delicious tamales to eat on Christmas day. The long-running joke is that we make tamales so we have something to unwrap. Our family has a tamale connection, so we order them and eat on them for a few days after Christmas.

We shy away from the traditional ham and turkey since we got our fix on Thanksgiving dinner. I know of several folks who get Chinese take out for Christmas dinner. What is on your table come every Christmas? Do you guys go out to eat or do you stay at home and cook?


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