Every year, at least once, we run into the dilemma of trying to decide what gift to get for that special someone. Whether that someone is your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, etc. - sooner or later, you'll hit that same wall.

Well, before you go off and buy their gift(s), you may want to consult this list of mine, and reject these gift ideas.

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  • Getty Images
    Getty Images


    Not a great idea. You don't want to any implications to be made by giving one of these as a gift.

  • Karin Lau
    Karin Lau

    Soap, Shampoo, etc.

    This is another one that could produce unwanted, and possibly painful, implications. It doesn't matter how expensive it is.

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    Don't you remember how mad people got over the commercial where the guy bought his wife one for Christmas? Don't let it be you, too!

  • Getty Images/Polka Dot RF
    Getty Images/Polka Dot RF

    Cleaning Supplies

    Trust me, no one wants a toilet wand in their stocking for Christmas.

  • Pile of books one opened, copy space
    Pile of books one opened, copy space

    How-To Books

    Don't get the books and make them do the work. If you want to impress them, YOU do the work FOR them.