While assembling a list of everything that is closed for President's day today, I noticed somethings are open, but some things are closed. Imagine that....Closed things are not that easy to spot online, in person it becomes VERY apparent!  I could pretty easily tell that Nacogdoches ISD is closed today, they have a quick calendar right on the web page.  Lufkin ISD was a littler harder. Had to dig into their calendars and then click a bunch of schools.  I finally just have to say that it's closed today, with an educated guess. Yes I have jokes.

Now I didn't see the mailman today, yet the city is picking up trash on a regular schedule. Most all banks and government buildings are closed today.

As to be expected everything else is open. Grocery Stores, Big Box Stores, Restaurants, you name it! If you can buy it, it's open. I used to work in a grocery store, and I think they only day we were closed was Christmas Day.

This started out as George Washington day, but then I guess someone like Grover Cleveland started complaining.

So what is closed for you? Where did you go today, and pulled on the door and it was locked? There is a lot of confusion about what is closed on these lesser holidays.  Tell us about it on Facebook!  This is apparently a very unpopular holiday. Just like some Presidents, past and present.

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