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Terrific Teachers Treasures next to Dirt Cheap located at 4415 North Street in Nacogdoches has been closed down for a while. Now they have started demolishing the front of the building.

This entire structure was dedicated to supplying teachers and offices with all the supplies they needed for years. The sign is still out front with a big red apple on it.

mark cunningham
mark cunningham

My first thought was that they were going to tear down the entire building and were just getting some key recyclables out first. This is fairly prime real estate, and I thought they would just build something new.

Multiple Businesses Could Be Moving Into Remodeled Terrific Teachers Treasures

The brick is just a facade on the front of the metal structure, and it is apparently still good enough for a complete remodel since they haven't torn it down completely. One rumor is that they are going to do that remodel and break it up into multiple business spaces, with a smoothie shop having already called dibs on one of the units.

Making room for multiple businesses instead of trying to find one renter to take over the entire building is a great idea. It would increase their profit certainly, since no one is renting the building at all now.

There have been many of these smaller strip centers going up around Nacogdoches, and I am sure there is room for one more. All of this is just conjecture, but we are a nosey bunch here in the Pineywoods.

If you know what is going on exactly, comments are welcome.

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