A feline has made an unlawful entry into the K-Fox Studios

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A few weeks ago a ceiling tile was broken and found on the ground near one of our recording studios in the back of the building. We just had a lot of work completed in our building and it was a new tile, so I thought it was strange.

I picked up the pieces, swept the carpet, and thought that was that. There was a bit of a smell coming from the dropped ceiling, so we called the exterminators.

There are lots of squirrels, mice, rats, and other kinds of woodland creatures that roam freely here in the Pineywoods. I was sure that's what it was, and the matter was closed.

Suspected Raccoon Caught On Camera Breaking Ceiling Tile

Then later Sunday the cleaning crew came and found another unexplainable, broken ceiling tile in the lobby. This one was much bigger and like the first, was broken in half and laying on the ground.

Luckily this area of the lobby is covered in cameras and upon looking back on the past few days of footage, our engineer found the second it happened. What looked like a glimpse of a raccoon almost falling into the room was seen.

Today I was given the video and after enhancements and consulting an exterminator, we have a mystery cat in the attic. We also found multiple paw prints on the roof.

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Then we noticed a soffit that was able to be pulled down on the corner of my studio. It was right next to a bunch of limbs, so access was easily made.

Then after seeing the footage again, I noticed it looked a lot like a small dark grey tabby cat that I had seen multiple times walking across the street and through a hole in the fence across from my studio window.

Luckily the control room used to be a bank vault, and the ceiling is so packed full of wires he wasn't able to come in here. I almost made a friend.

Take a look at the evidence below. At least we know it's not a fox.

Cat Crashes Though Ceiling In Radio Station

See the evidence found by cameras and in the lobby. Do you think it's a cat?

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