Though most people in Deep East Texas were spared the brunt of Laura's hurricane force winds, there are multiple issues with trees down on power lines. The storm was very localized, and pockets of wind gusts knocked out power. Reports are coming in from Oncor and DETEC. The two major power providers in our area.

People in the following areas can expect power back from ONCOR.

Zavalla...1:30pm |  Cassels Boykin...2:30pm  |  Huntington...11am  |    Lufkin 12:30pm   |   Nacogdoches TBD/2pm |  Douglass...2:30pm  |  Cushing..1pm

This is from Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative - DETEC

Dan Patrick

So there is a difference between your power delivery service and your power company that takes your money. Texas has the best electricity grid in the US, thanks to our linemen. Those guys were sleeping in their trucks because all the hotels were full last night. They weathered the storm, just like you, and now they are getting to work putting our electric lives back together one pole at a time.

There are many of us that have power. You could have friends that might not. Reach out to them and see how they are doing. Some people have a medical need for electricity. You never know, you could help save a life.

With all of these power outages there was a lot more damage than residents initially thought. We just aren't aware of them, since they aren't happening at our house.

So if you have power right now, be appreciative. If you don't have power right now, or can't leave your house because of a downed tree, know that help is on the way.



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