Recently we got a hold of a Nintendo Classic Mini, and we wanted to do something special instead of our normal contests.

UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Visit the results page here.

We asked our fans to use the new Kfox 95.5 mobile app to submit pictures of whatever they loved most, and the submissions we got were pretty cool.

Many people love their families, and we think that not only is it sweet to show you love your kids, but voters will know the game system will go to a good home and will actually get played.

Other fans showed they were fans of games. It doesn't matter how old you are, as long as you have a love of gaming, we know the Nintendo Classic Mini will fit in perfectly with the rest of your collection.

One fan even submitted a picture of his horse! Check out the submissions in the gallery below, and make a choice as to which one of these gamers should win the Nintendo Classic Mini.

Voting will end on March 22nd, so if you spot one of your own pictures here, be sure to get your friends to vote like crazy. There are submissions by two women with the same name, so make sure your vote goes where you want it to.

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