Been really good about going to the Gym with Jim. Today it just didn't work out.

What is going on today? It's like everyone at my job, everyone all around town finally woke up all at once this morning, and realized, they were going to have to do something. Everyone has been doing some serious slacking, me included. I am sure there are some things that have fallen through the cracks in your life. Things you thought were handled, things you need to get done, things in the back of your mind that you know you need to do, but just don't.

James Stillwell - TSM
Photo by Dan Patrick: Pictured: James "Sweaty" Stillwell

Today ALL THE THINGS HAD TO BE DONE. Everyone I have ever met wanted me to do all the things today. I already had a full day of getting things done. Then started the emails, the demands on my attention. What is everyone's deal with Wednesday July 26th. Why this day particular do all the reports, contracts, music changes, schedules, meetings to be scheduled, things that I have been working on for 6 months need to be done this specific day?  I really don't know. I do know writing a story was on my list of things that I had to get done today. Well guess what? It just got done. But the one thing that I really look forward to. Going to the gym with my buddy Jim?  That didn't get done, and for that I am truly sorry.

Dude, let's not go!" ~ James Stillwell

He is very quick to pull the ripcord on gym excursions.


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