I have spent the past 15 years at Ellen Trout Park at the Mike Love and Associates Firework Extravaganza. Due to Covid-19 all large gatherings have been cancelled in town. So this year for the first time since 2005, I won't be at the park celebrating. It's an all new reality for me. I could find myself if I went back in time at that exact spot on the 4th of July any of those years. I won't miss the heat, but I will miss hanging out with Mike Love, and his amazing fireworks crew.

I think back on all of the great entertainment that was provided by various artists over the years. Brian Harkness, Sam Shupak, Joe Cuellar and many others played over the years. People riding the train, going to the zoo and amazing vendors serving all kinds of things on sticks.

The one thing that I will really miss is that it was a great opportunity to hang out with our listeners. If you have ever been, and you met me there all hot and sweaty, I really appreciated you coming out. I was most likely pulled in 20 different directions, and looked a little frazzled, but I was having a great time.

Mike Love is a great guy, and someone I call a friend. He and everyone at Mike Love and Associates Law Firm really care about us in the Lufkin area. Enough to put on that show every year. So much that he couldn't stand not being able to do it, so he is bringing it to you.

Click the link above this story and you could win $100 in fireworks from Mike Love and Associates Law Firm. If you win, I'm usually in the K-Fox control room if you come up to the station. Just give me a wave, and we can hopefully hang out again soon. 100 listeners will win $100 in fireworks vouchers from Mike to 94 Fireworks.


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