It's been a wild week at the border between the border of Texas and Mexico. Two women were busted trying to smuggle illicit drugs into Texas at the Hildago-Reynosa International Bridge. What had happened was...the first woman was busted smuggling in some meth in the car she was driving and the other lady thought she would get away with trying to sneak in some cocaine in hers.

It was a rather meth-y situation when the first lady got pulled over for a car inspection and the Customs and Border people found some liquid meth in her gas tank. She was driving an SUV, so you can imagine there was plenty of room in there for some of that dank! As for the other lady, she was driving a beat-up hoopty, from the sounds of the report from the Alice Echo-News Journal. Her carcacha was not slick enough to disguise the cocaine, however. The street value of the bootleg blow and confiscated crank that these two women were trying to import to Texas is nearly two million dollars! Now Homeland Security has taken over the case to get to the bottom of who they are running all those drugs for! This has the makings of a made-for-TV movie on Lifetime!

This reminds me of that TV show Weeds. What was the lead character lady's name, Mary Margaret Jessica Parker? (I always confuse the names of actresses Mary Louise Parker with Sarah Jessica Parker, don't ask me why!) Did you watch that show? Nancy Botwin stumbled and fumbled her way into becoming a drug runner and drug kingpin in a boring little town called Agrestic.

I certainly do not condone anyone becoming a drug runner and/or ultimately, a drug lord, however, watching the lives of those who do is quite fascinating. There are actually several past and present fascinating shows about women who accidentally became drug runners and ultimately, drug lords: Claws on Hulu, Good Girls on Netflix, and La Reina del Sur, also on Netflix.

By the way, there is an English-language remake of La Reina del Sur called Queen of the South, but I refuse to watch it because there is NO WAY it can be as enthralling and entertaining as La Reina del Sur! I watched ALL of the original Telemundo episodes back in the day. That show was the JAM. Long live Teresa Mendoza!

La Reina del Sur - Teresa Mendoza
Telemundo English via YouTube

Time for a Carcacha break!

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