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  • Hard to kill
  • Same poison as a pufferfish
  • Causes animals to get sick

After a brief rain, you might notice that earthworms make their way out onto your driveway for a drink. What you don't want to see is this native Southeast Asian worm trying to eat them.

I can't say enough bad things about the hammerhead worm. Here is a list of their atrocities.

  1. Feeds on helpful earthworms, snails, slugs, and insects.
  2. No known predators.
  3. Cannibals.
  4. Emits neurotoxins.

Though they have been regularly found in East Texas, it seems they are now making their way west towards Austin and San Antonio, according to Texas Monthly.

Some species can grow up to a foot long, though more commonly found at around six inches. They can get into your yard from potted plants that we buy, so check for them before planting.

How To Kill A Hammerhead Worm

If you chop up a hammerhead worm, now you have two worms. You just did it a favor because that is how they reproduce, by dropping segments.

To get rid of it once and for all you have to give it the slug treatment. Salt or vinegar will kill them.

Pick them up with a gloved hand, and put them in a sealable bag full of salt or vinegar. Seal it up and throw it away.

We have had a very wet spring, so many more Texans are seeing these worms. Take this golden opportunity to rid your area of as many of them as you can.


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