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Spend a morning saving the butterflies, bees, and birds in Lufkin. The Lufkin Urban Market And Garden located at 805 Sayers Street is inviting you to their butterfly garden workday on Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 9 AM to 12 PM.

This butterfly garden was the brainchild of Shea Davidson and she is working with the Texas Conservation Alliance to support local wildlife. You can be a part of the restoration of the garden and help bring greener spaces to the Lufkin community.

Plant Native Plants At This Pollinator Garden In Lufkin, Texas 

Volunteers will help them remove weeds from the pollinator garden. They will also be planting even more plants that require less water and no artificial fertilizer.

This was a very dry, hot summer and with the record-breaking temperatures, the pollinator garden for the most part stood strong. Many of the plants that they added during their last planting day on  April 29, 2023 are still thriving.

That is due to the fact that they planted native plants, and they will continue the process now with your help. The native plants provide food and shelter for butterflies and other pollinators in our ecosystem.

A Representative Of The Texas Conservation Alliance Will Be There 

Join Jose Lopez, our local Texas Conservation Alliance representative, at the garden to help. If you have any questions you can contact him at Jose@tcatexas.org.

You can even get volunteer or community service hours as you help the Lufkin Urban Market and Garden.

Volunteer At This Lufkin Texas Butterfly Garden

Get hands-on and learn what it takes to start a pollinator garden. Here are some photos of their progress so far.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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