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  • Help Monarch Butterflies On Their Long Journey
  • Be A Part Of A Pollinator Garden In Lufkin
  • Get Volunteer Or Community Service Hours

The butterfly garden started as a dream for Shea Davidson, and she followed it to the Lufkin Urban Market And Garden. Once Davidson realized she didn't have a green thumb, she decided to create a team to keep her accountable and for physical assistance in making it happen.

Now she is working hard with volunteers of all ages to make that dream a reality, and she needs your help. This first year the garden will be focused on bringing the pollinator garden back to the Lufkin Urban Market And Garden.

Volunteer and you can get hands-on with all of the projects that will culminate in the larger goal of helping butterflies in their migration across the United States.

How Can I Volunteer To Help Butterflies In Lufkin?

If you have always wondered how to help all the insects that pollinate plants and keep them growing, you have found the right place. You can get in on the ground floor and learn what it takes to make a garden geared toward beautiful butterflies and other pollinators.

To get everything started just follow Lufkin Butterfly Volunteer Garden on Facebook. There you can see the work that has been started and what is to come for the garden.

Projects Include:

  • Laying a dirt foundation
  • Growing seedlings
  • Transplanting seedlings
  • Making a garden border
  • Mural painting

The Lufkin Urban Market and Garden is located at 805 Sayers Street in Lufkin, Texas.

Now is the time to get started as there are many events coming up.

Partner Assistance will be held at Grace Dunne Richardson Park at 9 am on April 22, 2023. Planting Day is coming up on April 29th with an extra day on April 30th to finish up.

There is a lot planned for the future of this organization.  In the winter months you could volunteer to participate in building enclosures to grow butterflies, tag them, and track their migration. Take a look at some of the photos of what has been going on so far.

Volunteer At This Lufkin Texas Butterfly Garden

Get hands-on and learn what it takes to start a pollinator garden. Here are some photos of their progress so far.

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