Where my dogs at?

We know that people in East Texas have the most amazing pooches in the world. If you want your dog to be featured in our dog of the week, submit your four legged friends pictures here!

Where my dogs at? Give Us A Pic of your Pup!

Upload an image of your canine companion, and we might feature your furry friend as our 'Dog of the Week"!
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We'll find our favorite, and feature him or her as the dog of the week. We'll update you with our top dogs as long as we get entries throughout 2018. Did you know according to the Chinese Calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog? We're not exactly sure what that means, but if it gives us a segway type excuse to see the cutest pooches East Texas has to offer, then we won't look into it too hard.

Let the world know that your dog is #1! Send us a pic today.

If you have issues with the submission form, simply drop a pic of your dog in the comment section below, or on Facebook.