Scientists are discussing a potential second wave of Covid-19. I sincerely hope this doesn't happen. However, if history were to repeat itself and re-manifest the patterns of contagion seen during the era of the Spanish Flu in 1918, we need to do our best to prepare. Please keep staying safe, even as things continue to open and "normalize."

Many are wearing masks and doing their best to wash their hands, especially once they return home from their errands. But, don't forget about your smartphone.

Our smartphones have become such an extension of our selves, it's easy to forget that these brilliant technological sidekicks are definitely potential carriers of all kinds of germs and viruses. What's the best way to sanitize it?

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Unsettling as it may be, the evidence suggests that Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for hours--sometimes days. So you can guess what that means. If you've been running around touching things, with your trusty smartphone by your side, it's been where you've been.

So, when you get home and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, etc...but you don't sanitize your smartphone.... Yeah. Ew. You'll need to give it more than the basic rubdown with a soft rag.

Here's what those in the know at Consumer Reports suggest. Based on their research, if you have a Google or Apple phone, just power them down first. Grab a disinfecting wipe that uses a solution containing at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and clean, albeit gently. Don't worry, Apple has confirmed this isn't harmful to your phone baby. ;) Neither are Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. But wait--those screen protectors? Stick to soap and water on those.

Obviously, despite your deep cleaning efforts, steer clear of getting any moisture into the open ports--you won't be touching those areas anyway. Definitely remove those otter boxes and other cases and just wash them with soap and water, as well.

Final tips?

DO NOT submerge your phone in water. It will drown and be sad forever.

NEVER, ever use bleach-containing solutions to clean your phone.

Also, make sure to DRY them completely.

Honestly, I've started just putting my phone away when I go out and about. It's the best way to avoid having to do another deep cleaning. Either way--keep staying safe.

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