Some might think the mail carriers in East Texas have it pretty good. It's nice outside at least 75% of the time. But there are lots of critters out there on their routes, and some of the stinging varieties.

This viral Reddit post by an actual letter carrier touts a way to keep those bees and wasps at bay. Just put a simple scented dryer sheet in your mailbox, and change it once it loses it's smell.

Seems pretty simple, if it works. Now if you have a huge infestation of flying needles, you will have to take them out by any means necessary. Just spraying soapy water in there could take care of most of them. 

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Once they are all gone, then you can start with the dryer sheets to keep them out. I don't think I have actually ever found a stinging insect in my mailbox, but I don't live out in the country.

Our letter carriers are busy enough with avoiding all the free range dogs and other animals. Check your mailbox and make sure nothing has taken up shop after long absences.

Postmen find all kinds of things in mailboxes. Did you know you can mail a banana or a coconut? I don't advise it, but if you put a stamp on it, and an address, they take it. I don' t know how it will end up on the side of the journey, but it's possible.

Luckily, I have only found a few geckos in my mailbox over the years.



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