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  • Inflation Creep
  • Astronomical Rent
  • Multiple Jobs

Now that 2023 is coming to an end, we can really take a look back on the first three quarters and see how things are going. This has been another year of more inflation in Texas.

It takes more dollars than ever to get the basic necessities that you need in order to live. The Federal minimum wage hasn't gone up since 2009, but prices are still skyrocketing.

In Texas, we adhere strictly to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. California's basic minimum wage is $15.50 an hour, and though things are more expensive there, they aren't over twice as expensive all over the state.

Minimum Wage Workers Can't Afford Modest Rental Homes In Texas 

The National Low Income Housing Coalition recently released its updated Rental Housing Programs Database. It found that rent is becoming increasingly unaffordable for low-income renters in the entire U.S., not just in Texas.

It also found that the supply of rental properties for low-income has been in a sharp decline in the past 10 years. Over the past two decades, rent has gone up in the U.S. by almost 18% while income has only gone up 3.2%.

As we say in Texas, "the math ain't mathing". Local and state governments are trying to fill in the gaps by offering state-funded programs to keep these families out of homelessness.

They have jobs and can't afford to live, so our tax dollars are going toward helping them with housing. Labor costs only really apply to one group of people's bottom line, and they are very much in power.

Texas currently has 4 programs designed to help families stay in rental housing. California has almost 30.

See where Texas ranks in how much you have to make to afford rent in the state.

The Hourly Wage Needed in Every State to Be Able to Afford Rent

For those struggling to make rent, the National Low Income Housing Coalition's Out of Reach report provides insight on the wage required to live in any state. It revealed a bleak picture for minimum wage workers seeking to rent a two bedroom apartment. See the hourly wage you'd need to be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment in every state.

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