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  • Texas is huge
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Things that you just never forget are called sticky. Today we are going to add a few of these to your mind about the great state of Texas.

There are so many great things about the state of Texas that we as citizens don't realize. The most underrated fact is the sheer size and population of Texas.

Everyone is moving to Texas. Once they get here, they quickly find out that "seeing it all" is going to take a lot of time and gas money.

The Dallas Metroplex Has More People Than Than You Think

The Dallas area is growing every year and is a huge part of the population explosion in Texas these past few years. More people live in the DFW metroplex than in the states of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana combined.

Soon there will come a time when Texas will have more people than California. The
"Sunshine State" is experiencing a negative (-0.29%) population growth.

Texas is growing at a rate of 1.57% and is just 8 million or so away from California at this point. The number of citizens in the Lone Star State keeps growing every year. Since 2010 we have added almost 5 million people.

In 10 years we grew more than the population of many states combined. It's a lot of people, and that is a big reason why the state's energy grid is in question so often now.

Let's dig into this list and see what we don't know.

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