There are no less than three Flag Day events are going on in the Lufkin area. Each one of them, an opportunity to celebrate 'old glory.'

The first event is Saturday June 12th, 2021 at American Legion Post #113 at 2801 Valley Dr, known as the Senior Citizens Center. You can bring in your old tattered and torn American Flag and get a new 3in by 5in flag for free.

If you have ever wondered what to do when a flag gets torn and worn, you aren't alone. That's where this third event comes in. From 2-3pm on Sunday June 13th, 2021 at VFW Post #1836 at 1800 Ford Chapel Road in Lufkin they are having a flag disposal ceremony. Your tattered old flags will be destroyed in a dignified way. This means burning, but it can also be dangerous, so leave it to the professionals.

Flag Day, Monday June 14th, at Louis Bronaugh Park next to Lufkin City Hall the city will have their annual Flag Day Ceremony at 5:30pm.

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Flag Day is officially June 14th, and is just one of many patriotic celebrations that go on every year. This one is not an official federal holiday, but is held by proclamation of the President of The United States. It's to celebrate the symbol of freedom that is our flag. Thirteen Stripes, and since 1818 it gets another star if we get another state. It's been 50 states for a very long time, so no changes since July 4th 1960, when it got it's current look.

Check out any of these events to learn more about our proud nation.

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