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I was hanging out on the back porch last weekend enjoying the weather in Tyler, Texas and I was suddenly overtaken by the delicious smell of someone grilling burgers on their back porch. The wind was blowing just right and it blew that wonderful grilling smell my way then I wondered when my invitation would come from the neighbor who was doing the grilling to join them, but it never arrived.

Now that more favorable spring weather is pretty consistent, more and more backyard barbecues will be happening and more invitations will be going out inviting family and friends over to have a good time. However, if you've ever hosted a backyard barbecue or party, you know it can get expensive.

What does it take to pull off a great backyard barbecue?

  • mouthwatering meat - burgers, brisket, sausage
  • cold beverages - sweet tea, soft drinks, beer
  • appetizers - chips and salsa
  • sides - potato salad, baked beans, corn
  • desserts - homemade ice cream, pecan pie, birthday cake
  • music - gotta have the tunes

To save on some of the expense of hosting a backyard barbecue, we often ask our guests to bring something to help offset the cost of hosting such an event. The other day an East Texan posted the question on a social media platform asking,

What do cheap people bring to a BBQ?

The responses we quite hilarious and honestly straight truth! At the time of this article's creation, there were nearly 300 responses! We all want to be great guests and bring something that will add value and enhance the barbecue, but in this case, if you show up with these things you're considered cheap!

Thanks to the responses from these East Texans, I will know when my neighbor invites me over the next time he's grillin' I'll know what not to bring!

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