This could be the logical conclusion of what has become an ongoing story about our Lufkin AutoZone on Timberland Drive. Once an 18 wheeler drives through your building, there is no hope.

We have waited over three months to see what would happen to the front part of AutoZone in Lufkin. It just sat out in the elements wide open, still full of auto parts for the entire time.

Security guards took around-the-clock shifts daily with their green and yellow lights on while guarding the building. Now that might come to an end.

Is The Lufkin AutoZone Still Standing? 

That might be a trick question because this situation continues to change. All of the building could already be completely gone.

I drove by many times the past couple of days and took pictures of the progress thinking someone might be interested. I guess you are that someone; I know I was interested.

I remember going there and getting all kinds of parts and air fresheners over the years. I bought some car graphics there back in 1990 that turned out to be pretty sweet looking on my 1984 D Ram 50 mini truck.

The Last Time I Went To AutoZone In Lufkin 

I'm a car guy. I like all things automotive. That store was like a mecca to me. I took "Get In The Zone!" to heart. The last time I went to AutoZone in Lufkin it was for windshield wipers.

I got them for a station vehicle and installed them right in the parking lot. Just like I had done many times before, not knowing it was going to be for the last time. Now take a look and see what has happened so far to the building.

AutoZone In Lufkin Torn Down

After an 18 wheeler ran through the building on November 24th, 2022 the front part of the building was finally torn down today.

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