In a world of don't eat this, eat that, we have to sometimes decide between what tastes good, and what is good for us. One thing that I have always believed is that brisket is great for us. I mean in Deep East Texas, we make some of the best brisket anywhere, and we apparently live a long time.

I have a friend Sean, that is smoking about 4 briskets right now. They will change your life, they are just that good. If he ever got tired of talking on the radio, he might just have a bright future in grilling briskets. I have never tried making one myself, but I might be persuaded by this new information.

Brisket is high in oleic acid, which leads to increases in HDL (that's the good cholesterol) that we need for cardiac health. Did you know that when you eat a brisket, you are just really eating a hamburger that didn't get ground up. About 50 percent of ground beef, is the cut known as the brisket, and it is used in lots of recipes, not just hamburger.  Source:

Now that research is pointing more every day towards beef with high oleic acid level being good for you, people are actually moving away from brisket, and gravitating towards fattier beef like kobe, (Japanese Black Cattle). They need to get on the brisket train, and enjoy the health benefits of a good hamburger or brisket.


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