The first official day of spring is this Saturday, March 20th 2021. The weather in Deep East Texas has taken an abrupt 180 in the past few weeks. No more thoughts of winter storms. Now we have switched to tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings.

The first weekend of Spring here will be perfect. Highs in the mid 60's and Sunny this Saturday. Still a little cool first thing in the mornings with lows in the lower 40's. Perfect weather for all the outside actives that we have put off due to freezing temperatures and Covid restrictions.

Though Coronavirus cases are in decline across the area, as more people get the shot, there are still people suffering from the disease here and across the globe. This time last year we were just starting what turned into a year of lockdown. We know that the disease can still spread even when it's not the typical season for these types of infectious diseases.

December and January 2020 saw days of infection rates in the United States run up to almost 60,000 cases a day. Now we are at about 3,500 a day, and I would say things are looking up. 

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Texas has taken away the government mandated mask ban, we are going to be given excellent weather. This might be the start of a another rise in cases in our state. Lots of businesses still require a mask to enter.

There are a lot of different ways to get out and enjoy the weather this weekend in the Pineywoods. Just be safe about it, and wear your mask and wash your hands regularly.


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